A garden, no matter how small, connects the home to the area in which we live. It is the interface between our personal lives and the world beyond. It can be a secluded haven, an outdoor room to share with family and friends, a work of art to be viewed from the house - it offers many functions. Gardens dress and ground a building into its situation. The garden is no less important than the house itself; it is an extension of the house.

 A garden also provides crucial conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen, providing us with cleaner air to breathe. By planting the right plants for the conditions we can enhance our communities with lushness and life without increasing the demand for water.


I studied Ecology at Massey University which provided me with an in-depth knowledge of how plant systems work. I have worked as a gardener, a landscaper and in plant nurseries. This hands-on experience developed my skills in the practicalities involved in the installation and maintenance of a garden. Desiring a creative process to channel my love of plants and aesthetics, I acquired a Diploma in Landscape Design and have since worked on many projects in the Central Otago region and beyond.

Central Otago has a very different climate to the rest of New Zealand - continental rather than maritime - which means extremes of variation between arid summers and harsh winters. Although not confined to working only in this region, I am based in Wanaka and after seventeen years of working in this demanding climate, I have a comprehensive understanding of the species and plant communities that will thrive here.

 Variety is indeed the spice of life and I work with a diverse range of projects. From confined residential sections to large rural properties with expanding boundaries, from new builds to homes with existing gardens. I have abundant experience in a wide diversity of forms and styles of gardens and enjoy working with them all as they each pose their own unique challenges and charms.