There an infinite number of possibilities for a garden. It’s all about refinement, function, form, texture, rhythm and flow.

So, what are you looking for?

·         Solving the blank canvas surrounding your new house;
·         customising space to suit your lifestyle;
·         renovation of a tired or inherited garden;
·         plans for resource consent;
·         advice on planting;
·         a little inspiration.

Initial Consultation

We can wander around the site and talk design. This meeting allows us to get to know each other and for me to understand your objectives for your outdoor space. Based on this, I put together a proposal, illustrating my visions for the site.

Design Brief

This second meeting is where we put together a comprehensive template from which I begin to create your garden. Through discussion, I learn exactly what style of landscape you desire and what functions you require from it, or provide you with guidance and advice if you are unsure.

Concept Plan

The spatial layout of all landscape elements, structural details, material specifications and types of proposed planting areas are shown on this plan. Several additional plans may accompany the Concept Plan depending on the scope of the project. These include: Hardscape Plan - for in-depth specifications and dimensions of all non-plant elements without the frills; Elevations - these allow you to see what an area would look like from a particular angle; Cross Sections - which show construction details of complex features; Master Plan - which is typically for smaller projects as it combines all plans into one.

Planting Plan

Once the Concept Plan is finalised, a Planting Plan is completed which specifies the species/cultivar of every plant to be installed and its exact placement on the site. Eventual plant spreads are also indicated. This plan is accompanied by a Plant Schedule - a document listing the particulars of all the plants required.


I can guide you in finding the right landscaping contractors to build the design and work closely with them in consultation. I will also source and supply the plants and then place them in their position on site if you choose. Designs are only created with species readily available in New Zealand and preferably from within the region of the design site. A range of services can be provided involving the installation and ongoing care of the garden. This aspect can be discussed as the project progresses.